MNVA now has taught me lots of things about myself and other

by Soraya | November 21, 2012
Back in my old high school I got bullied this was the main reason why I left. The Dean of Students didn't really help me with the situation. I was influenced easily, I went with the kids who got in trouble the most. I barely had any respect for myself back then. I got picked on because I was smaller than most people there. I talked back to teachers, so other students would think I'm tough and strong. I did this to fit in. MNVA now has taught me lots of things about myself and others. I have become a stronger person. I've made tons of friendships that will last a lifetime. These valuable things I've learned will stay with me throughout my life. I hope to share my story onto my kids someday and I learned making a change doesn't always have to be so bad it can make you be a better person emotionally, physically, and mentally. The courses little tough at times, but I have amazing teachers to help me. If it wasn't for my amazing teachers always willing to help when needed I would have not gotten this far. I hope MNVA grows and keep doing what they're doing by giving some students a second chance. I also hope they realize that this is another option for education, if they don't like the school they're attending, even if they're being bullied.
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