Crystal's Story

by Crystal | August 12, 2013
Bullying, People Who Changed a Life, From Struggling to Thriving
Hello there, My name is Crystal. My story starts in 9th grade. Just when I thought that I'd never be happy in school, K12 became an option. I'm a very shy girl and was very quiet in school with only a few friends. I am battling depression and I also have social anxiety. I was also in cheerleading my freshmen year, which surprises some people and even myself. Public school was very difficult, always worrying about what people thought of you, your appearance, how smart you are, everything. I also got bullied, some kids would say some pretty rude things to me. The bullying also didn't help my depression and social anxiety either. Every day I was stressed, and I was actually to the point that I couldn't even pay attention to what was going on in class, I started failing and almost got kicked out of cheerleading. I was pushed to the limit by the end of my freshmen year I wanted to give up, but just then, I remembered an online schooling program that my aunt had told me about. Once I finally talked my parents in to letting me try it, I loved it from the start! I was no longer getting bad grades, I now get A's and B's and I actually enjoy being in school. I don't have to worry about bullying anymore, or about my social anxiety. Since I started k12, I can honestly say that it has changed my life forever. I get along with all of my classmates and all of my teachers. K12 also has a huge support line, so I know that if I will ever need help with a course or an assignment, I will get the help that I need. I enjoy all the classes that I've taken so far, and I am really excited to become a Junior this year. K12 also has many classes to pick from! I chose 3 electives this year and also joined 5 clubs. I plan on graduating from Agora Cyber Charter school, and attending college in Tennessee or Georgia. Thank you K12, for being such an awesome school and for helping me get through my depression and social anxiety.
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