I cannot say enough great things about K12

by Kimberly | August 12, 2013
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Our K12 story started two years ago. We moved up to Oklahoma from Texas in 2011 and live in a small rural community. Our children attended a brick and mortar school and while they were attending class and completing assignments, their progress seemed to be lacking. Our daughter after months of questioning why she was having such difficulty was referred to testing and found that she has a learning disability and was far below grade level, so was placed on an IEP. She was also having problems with bullying. We had to take her to therapy each week and was missing school. We decided that we cannot control the other children in the school or be there to help them learn what they need to without feeling pressured to perform, so we opted to homeschool. We looked into several homeschool options and curriculum but only having one income, we couldn't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on learning materials and worrying that these places might not be accredited. We found K12 online and started talking with administrators and gathering information and liked what we saw more and more. We decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. We are so glad we did! Not only did the K12 staff go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition from brick and mortar to virtual learning, they made sure we were prepared for homeschooling 100%. We were beyond impressed that the materials our children needed were shipped right to our door and to have so many resources too, WOW! We qualified for a desktop computer for my children to use and that was even shipped here to our door. My daughter was placed in specialized learning classes that she can understand and perform on a level she is more comfortable with. I cannot express in words how K12 has changed our lives for the better. My children are more relaxed and they love the curriculum and the teachers they meet with each day through class connects. The teachers are phenomenal and do a great job teaching and encouraging my children. They are always positive and upbeat and make sure to let my children know how great they are doing. My husband and I are thankful to know where our children are at all times, we know what they are learning at all times, and don’t have to worry about them being bullied or subjected to negative influences. K12 allowed us to take back control over our children's education and peace of mind for all of us. We love OVCA K12 so much that we have referred several people in our community as well as people we meet to K12. K12 changes lives! Thank you so much! Blessings beyond words is what this is!
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