Pk’s Aussies

by Alexys | October 4, 2019
2019 Art Contest
I’ve always loved drawing when I was a kid and it runs in my family. My dad and grandpa always were good at graffiti letters and turning their initials into a cute animal drawings, my aunt went to school for art and graphic design, then my uncle and cousin became tattoo artist. All in all, I come from a very artistic family. I started to really draw in December of 2018 and taking it a little more serious. I started drawing family/friends pets for Christmas and birthday presents. I really like to think I’ve come a long way within almost a year and drawing other peoples pets is something I really enjoy doing because of how much joy they are filled with when they see the finished product. I really hope i win, but if I don’t it’s just motivation to work harder to accomplish what i want to do in life.
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