Thank you

by Megan | July 22, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, School Environment, Bullying, Working Student, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Breakthrough Moments, People Who Changed a Life, Graduation, From Struggling to Thriving
I've always been an average student. I certainly was not one of those kids who could absorb everything taught to them and make outstanding grades. I was just average. In middle school, I expressed myself heavily through the way that I looked. I wore a lot of black, had crazy hair, and wore makeup. So my fellow classmates started making fun of me, harassing me, and threatening me. This continued into 9th grade when I finally decided enough was enough and enrolled in online school. Though I was away from those people, I couldn't help but feel like they won. Nothing happened to them for bullying an innocent person. They got to stay right where they were and continue on with no apologies. This inspired me to make something of myself and never let ANYONE stand in my way. Since then, I've had to endure many obstacles in my personal life and with my education. There were two points where I seriously considered dropping out of school and getting my GED. But people encouraged me to keep trying, and that's got me to where I am today. I'm 17, technically a junior, but just graduated a year early (waiting to receive my diploma!). I'm enrolled in and starting Metro Beauty Academy this October, following my 18th birthday. Things are finally looking up for me thanks to the opportunities K12 provided for me. I never thought I would make it this far, let alone a year early. Now I can say I'm a high school graduate and that I'm going to make something of my life. That is enough for me, and hopefully I can show those who are being bullied to keep moving forward. You can be whoever you want to be! Don't let anyone hold you back. Thank you, k12, for allowing me to get an education and graduate a year early, and to my teachers and counselor, for encouraging me to keep trying for my goals.
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