The Journey of a Boy Through Time

by Eberechukwu | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
He picks up the book Tosses it this way and that The title, however, Speaks Open me Read me The boy looks back upon the book He opens Time freezes His world freezes Transformed The words dance across the pages Instantly, he finds himself Lifted up into the heavens Into the celestial skies Able to join the stars singing in harmony Able to kiss the clouds Able to reach for the heavens Able to see her Amelia Earhart The fierceness of her eyes as she Flies into the domain of the gods Unafraid, her own Daedalus and Icarus A salute to the boy And she fades into the clouds That lift her into the forbidden realms The boy’s flight is over He falls fast Fast, he braces for his descent Into the dark abyss he goes The dark abyss The abode of humans Into the middle of war he is thrown The heavy gunfire Steals His attention Dashed Chaos reigns as king Dark clouds hover over the soldiers The angel of death Spears its fingers into the hearts of many men The boy tries to run To escape The reigning fires of death Chaos smiles at its domain The banner, ripped and shriveled The bright colors faded into nothingness “Help with World War…” The smell of death is thick Its stench enticing to others As they sleep on the field For the final time The fires rage and engulf all A lone soldier crawls and grips his leg Eyes teary He begs to see his wife To see Georgia Final breath taken Eyes closed He lets go The boy’s vision is blurred The flames obscure all And eats its prey mercilessly Leaving ashes for bones Pushed Pushed by the winds The boy finds himself In Washington on a podium On the podium, standing in front of him The gallant figure That strong black man In speech, His passion pervades The slumber of Washington Has been shaken The ears of all are perked The words of Dr. King grip the nation Enamored and Captivated The boy’s eyes are teary as he mouths the words “I have a dream that one day” The voice of Dr. King echoes For hours, time never passed A trance it was Dr. King turned around “Go back,” he said A quick wave he did And an even quicker smile he gave The boy did as he was commanded He found himself at the end of the chapter He found himself in his world Where time counted and mattered Where the world was tranquil and uneventful He looked at his book “A Journey Through Time-World History” “Sure did take me on a journey” Where I was lost in history,” he said “A Journey Through Time Indeed”
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