Mythology of Old

by Raegan | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
A withered spine creaks open. The autumn leaves stir ablaze. A spell of magic flips through. An owl hoots overhead. His dark eyes puzzled me. Not quite human, nor beast. I find steel wine glasses, Ancient waterfalls roar, Pristine marble floors, Battle armor shining gold. An elaborate dining table, Fit for Gods and Goddesses. Scattered books of new & old. Poignant Mediterranean miracles. A constellation of frames, Reading plaques of the Greek: Zeus, his mighty thunderbolts serve. Athena, wisdom to match us all. Poseidon, water to purify or steal. Hades, till death do us meet… A darkness surrounds me, I pull off the lambskin volume. Not knowing where I am. A deep sleep flusters me. I come to my feet, Only to see feathers, Flying away from me.
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