Art Is a Land of Wonders

by Abuelgasim | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
There exists a land unlike our own A land where the moon has never once shone For the sun never sinks below the horizon And has never gone down since having first risen The only passage is through the mind and the heart And the only gate is through the absorption of art When the mind has flown and the soul works alone A person is unanchored and can freely pass Into a world where boundaries cannot last For all that exists is curiosity and creation A land that for an artist is a perfect vacation And with pencil, paintbrush, pen or knife Etching and sketching can bring all to life Whatsoever you choose can be made real Anything to you that has any appeal For art is a medium that knows no limits And provides free roam for all who live in it To do as they please, anything at all To make summer cold, or to put spring in fall To make black white or to make night bright To feed all the hungry and make everything right But what’s the purpose of working with diligence If in the world of the living it makes no difference? A tree that falls with no one to see Is not a fallen tree, to you nor to me So if you so choose, this land of creation Should you be found to have enough motivation, Can be shared with any person you choose And should be, cause really What’s to lose?
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