Infinite Inspiration

by Kaitlyn | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Countless words in the English language, Spirals of stories told by many a people, The unloading of their minds baggage, It is up to them whether their writing is gleeful. Some writing is too deep for a page, Some writing sinks into your bones, Some writing expresses anguish and rage, Some writing takes you to a place no one knows. Isn't it funny how our minds run free, When our creativity is unleashed, And some are at their most glee, When they release their innermost beast. The emotions writings convey, It's more than a thousand expressions say a day, The intricate pieces of our heart, Spread out vulnerable on a chart. English gives me that passion, To tell emotions without bounds, I can't do the same with a fraction, Writing astounds. Jealous of sketches, Songs and paintings, However, writing is just as breathless, It's inspired nations. The tingle that comes from writing, Whether it's a poem, essay, or book, It feels igniting, Yet it's often overlooked. Shakespeare, Twain, Austen, People who built the literary foundation, Who should not be forgotten, And will forever be kept in quotation. There are countless unappreciated stories, Passionate writings that no one has ever awed over, Yet billions of copies, That shouldn't only be kept to the holder. Starting in pre-k when my prompt was mere fairytales, Even then I wrote ten thousand words, Leaving out no details, And describing with tons of verbs. So let me just say, I wouldn't have it any other way, English has always made me display, Joy and creativity in every single essay.
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