Lost in History

by Carissa | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019, Why My School is AWESOME
Under a blanket, in my room, On my bed I lie. Snuggled down, with my book, A happy grin and sigh. I'm oblivious to this world, I'm in one of my own. In a world of distant past, But look! I'm not really alone. I see a tall Egyptian, In Hatshepsuts temple grand. I see a Persian woman Serving her king with a fan. Oh, look before me! A happy sight indeed. As Jesus of Nazareth heals someone, And raises up someone in need. Now I see a battle frightful, Hear clashing of swords and spears. Battles led by Alexander the Great, As their sounds echo through the years, I see pilgrims and Indians, Happily Thanksgiving share. From gardens lush and plentiful, that once were hard and bear. I see Honest Abe standing, President of the Nation. And at his funeral many weeping, Wailing with indignation. Giving their lives for our freedom, I see brave men standing tall. To make this world a better place, For their love for all. History class is over, I realize with a start. I'll have to wait 'till tomorrow, To read on to the next part. I look outside and there above me, The flag is waving high. The stars and stripes drawing me, Wooing me to come nigh. This is the land of the free, And because of the brave. I study and benefit, From everybody who gave.
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