My Dear Subject

by Caleb | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Oh, My Dear Subject Oh, my precious key Science is the best study A gist could ever be. With it I can open any door With it I'll become a whiz It can really tell me What the earth really is. Is it a floating bubble, Or is it a giant rock? With science I can open That same very complex lock. The world is a planet Floating in the space It's home is the solar system and the atmosphere is it's case. Animals, plants, and microbes All go into science Thanks to science we know That they all have an alliance. Microbes are in living things, Such as plants and animals Animals eat plants and they also eat each other Any of these cannot live without one or the other. Science is amazing And with it we start gazing To the universe above us And the ground and water below us.
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