by Areej | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019, From Struggling to Thriving
I didn't have any interests for a long while. I had no goals to meet, nothing to desire until middle school, where I found something in music. I wanted to play the saxophone, but it was the clarinet that I brought home. Nonetheless, I loved the sound and finally stopped floating around in life, and I worked hard to play by practicing every single day. When I moved in eighth grade, my love stayed back and the whole world returned to white and black. I forgot the sound of music; The drive I had, I began to lose it. Last year, I found that I liked art, it was something that could move my heart but I couldn't take the class so I thought the feeling would just pass. But I could take music. I learned to play the best instrument of all the piano, that I love very dearly. But beyond that, I learned that the wonderful sound, the feeling I had, just needed to be found.
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