by Iris | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
MathElaSciTechArtSocHist By Iris J What’s my favorite subject? That’s the hardest thing to say. ‘cause I do like all my subjects. I enjoy them every day. It’s almost a torture to decide On things I like, what is my side? So I guess I’ll just squash up them all Into a wonderful subject ball. MathElaSciTechArtSocHist It makes me dance, It makes me sing, Because I just love everything! Math is so inquisitive. You can shrink or grow or take or give. I think it’s necessary to live, It’s fun and keeps my brain active! Literature is fantastic, You can read or write about a dancing broomstick Or a dragon that can’t light a wick ‘cause it doesn’t know which scented candle to pick. Science explains why cubes don’t roll And why hamsters don’t splash when poured in a bowl. It explains the reason why we all grow old And why in our guts is a bacteria whorl. Technology is very fun, Program a chicken on the run Or a dinosaur who ate a hamburger bun, Or a computer catching the zeroes and ones. Art is just like literature, Make an abstract collage of plants that purr. Paint a frog with Lincoln’s hat and call him a sir. Or sculpt a dragon-duck-bear-lion-hippo that goes “Grr!” Social studies tell you about your government, what it does, what is good, and what could put you in containment, should you keep exotic pets, like lions, tigers, and elephants? Learn what things you can do, and what things you really can’t. History finds out the past, Things to do or don’t and what results will last. How long ago did people invent the mast? Let’s sail the sea of knowledge, exceeding and vast.
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