My Graduation from Eight Grade

by Eric | July 10, 2013
School Environment, Bullying, Graduation, From Struggling to Thriving
My name is Eric and here is my graduation story from the eighth grade. At the beginning of the 2012-13 school year, things were looking bleak. I had already struggled most of my life due to learning disabilities that went undiagnosed until the end of fourth grade. I did nothing but struggle and they wanted to hold me back. Finally someone listened and I was finally diagnosed. I have ADHD and dysgraphia. This affected both my hand writing and reading skills. I realized it wasn’t my fault I was struggling. I asked my mom if this meant I could go to college! She hugged me and said yes. I was placed on an IEP and had a pretty good year fifth grade. My teacher understood me and made me feel good about myself. Sixth grade was OK. I struggled in the regular classes but excelled in the IEP classes. I was making progress and with my mom’s help, I succeeded. Then came seventh grade. This is when all the problems started. Since I had done better on my WKCE tests, I no longer qualified to be in a smaller classroom. I struggled; was bullied; was not happy and worse, I was failing. Somehow I passed by the skin of my teeth. My mom tried to fight for me to get into the smaller classes but now I was being labeled “lazy, a manipulator, a trouble maker”. The beginning of the eighth grade was the absolute worst. Most of my classes had 40 or more students in them. I felt loss. My mom tried to help and work with the teachers but these teachers believed it was time to buck it up and be more mature; show them I was ready for high school. I couldn't keep up. Teachers didn't believe I was trying my best. My mom finally had enough and was accepted to K12 late December. I was very happy. My mom was the best. She was hard on me but we were able to figure things out together. I was able to get through the lessons. Keep in mind, that even though it was January, I was starting over, back to September. I did all of these classes without the help of the class connects like the traditional K12 curriculum. My brother also transferred and we started figuring out it would work better if we had a little school so we could work on the science projects together and he would help me when I started struggling with reading. My mom was a slave driver; having us complete 8-9 lessons on average per day. We still went to the Around the Worlds and Chit Chat Challenges. We did Study Island and Spanish. I was getting extra help for reading and writing and felt pretty good about myself. My mom thought it may have been too easy but she understood how it felt to be on top for a change; and that I could use this as review. I even got an award for success in the mail half way through. I was so proud. I taped it to my door and couldn’t wait till my mom got home so I could show her. I was able to go to the Jamboree at the end of the school year. I was one of the proud eighth graders that walked across that stage and received my certificate. I was never so happy in my entire life. I had almost finished 100% in Math. I was 75% or more in all the English courses, completing all EOL’s. History and Science fell a little behind finishing close to 50%. but that’s because we concentrated on English and Math. Even though school is over, I have been attempting to go in 2-3 days a week and finish up those lessons. I’ve finished Math; including Study Island. I’m almost done with English and hope to say the same for History and Science. Oh, and I got to go to Noah’s Ark for “A” day because I had finished 100% of my math! I know that I will graduate High School with the help of K12. I know that I will be going to college in four years. I’m not so sure this would have been the case had I stayed at my old school. Thank you so much K12 for being there. For giving me the opportunity to learn, grow and be successful. The teachers are wonderful. They were very friendly and positive.
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