by Hayden | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
I woke up every morning Feeling such pain Wondering if this drama would ever go away. My school wasn't like others Where it was fun to play For people would bicker and fight and yell all day! One day it got so bad, I asked them to stop But they shrugged and they glared and they said they would not. The end of the school year was almost near And I realized I didn't learn much this year. My mother sat us down, I had no idea why She told me I was going to give K12 a try! From the very first day, we were all a bit worried Was this decision too hurried? But months began to pass It felt like they flew Day after day my confidence grew. Even though math was a huge struggle Science, reading, and G.U.M was even harder to juggle. The teachers, they helped me They were always near They made me feel way more comfortable here. Vocabulary was my favorite How it teaches me so much About the words and their meanings And how they taught me a bunch But I also like math Even though it causes a fuss I felt like in brick and morder school I didn't learn this much. I can't pick just one subject For they all teach me so much more I can't wait to see what next year has in store.
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