Undivulged Fates

by Demarques | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Here I sonder of some new light that makes me smile and give me new sight. For something better of new freedom and heights. Something for promise of my new life. Constantly changing in search of my time. In my dreams of rehearsed perceptions, but still in my aid of nursed perspectives. Alike and liked each-other truly, yet I'm a burden of my minds true doing. I look at the future blindly, with a heart of gold. Unknown to my own mentality, yet a step for filling. For what lies ahead may be fulfilling, kryptonite. Life of fate is so dismissive; a guide in which I follow but, forth-giving. I fight for change in perspective, to looking through ones true mentality. I don't know my final decision, truth hides crimson in my inner thoughts. But, for now in this flirtatious game of life. Being open minded of thriving life's may just be enticing enough.
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