A work of art

by Athena | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
This poem is about art and all the different emotions that you can get from just once piece. A work of art can tear you apart, And put you back together. A work of art, can break you down and build you up at the same time. A work of art, speaking a thousand words but keeping it inside. A work of art, so alive, but dying at the same time. Flower bloom, plants decay, A work of art, never the same. Swimming fast, afloat above, suddenly drowning, not enough love. A beautiful dove, enjoying life, drowned out sitting on the sidelines. The days go by, cherished by all, the night comes, back against the wall. Rose bush filled with thrones, so beautiful but broken. The plants bloom, a bees a buzz, sitting above a thousand doves. A happy ending is to come. A work of art is never done.
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