The Composition of Creation

by Trinity | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Literature… To everything, there is a beginning And, unfortunately, also an end. However, the composition - the process Of writing words to create a story Can bring warmth to the hearts of all those who read it. I plant my seed, a letter on the page And that seed grows as I continue to write. Roots spreading deep, forming the foundation- The theme, the plot, the setting. And as it continues to grow, It branches off, creating the characters. Each one budding with their own characteristics, traits, and personalities. Now witness a manifestation of imagination. A hero, the protagonist, is born! As I continue to write, The order, the life of my literary work, becomes real. But from the light I create, comes darkness, a shadow. An antagonist, an opposite to my hero, A weed that could choke the life out of my manifestation. The more I write, the more my story grows. My hero struggles to survive, the fight between good and evil, The wight of his world set upon his shoulders. And the potential of the outcome resting in my hand.
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