Art Love

by Addison | April 30, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
I love art! Art loves me! Art is something I like to see. Art and me are like best friends, When I open up my sketch book, my drawing never ends. Art and I will never separate, When I open up my pencils, colors await. When I leave for my art class, I know I am going to have a blast! One of my favorite artist is Vincent van Gough, I love his sunflower painting, it makes me shout "Oh"! Sometimes I do art with my little brother, And sometimes I say, "I am doing art, I will do that sometime other". When I do art, I am doing my dream, My dream is to do art, not balance on a balance beam. Art will never let me down, Art makes me want to do leaps and bounds! When it's my birthday, I ask for art supplies, I would rather have art supplies than birthday pies. I like to do art collages, And I like to art when we go to lodges. When I do art, I feel so free, An artist is just what I want to be! I love art! Art loves me!
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