Endless Possibilities

by Jared | April 29, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Shall I find her at the banks Of a mystic lands creek, Or among the lost ranks Of men, morally bleak? Could she be the soul savior Of lands, barren and poor, Or is she a lone rover Whose mind, wealth won over? Was she stunning as Venus, Cast by royal genus, Or brawny as Hercules, In whom we trust with ease? Had she witnessed the whole Earth And done things of great worth, Or been trapped behind a wall, Ignorant of it all? Had she embodied justice, The head of a blest band, Or sourced the town ruckus As the Devil’s right hand? Perhaps the answer is not Among those I have brought… Perhaps she is just a girl, Who saw in paper, pearl… Who she was, and where she’d been, These we may never know… For her mind was tough to pin, And soul, free as a crow. She had no secrets to spill, Still she concealed her fun… She kept her body stock-still And her face betrayed none… See, the air surrounding here Was serene and calm; A silent, respectful purr For the world in her palm.
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