Write! Express! And Remember

by Aubrey | April 29, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Write! Express! And Remember! The need to express feelings and thoughts- When you are feeling angry, sad, happy or scared towards something- You would Write them down and share it with the world. The need to write stories- To let your imagination run wild of what you dream of- You would Write it down to have that dream come to life. The need to remember the memories you have- Of the most treasured or desired moment That impacts your life for eternity- You would Write what you remember to share it with loved ones. Write! Write what you want to share or keep to yourself! Every single word we write down into our journal, diary, or notebook- Is important in their very own ways! Express! Express what you feel and have the world see what you see To change the world for it to become a better place- And to even become a better you! And Remember! Remember the memories and don't forget Each tell a important moment in your life- That will never leave your side and will change your world forever! Don't hate what you write, Love it! Never leaves you- It's part of who you are to Write, Express, And Remember!
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