Welcome to NMVA

by Jacob | April 27, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019, Graduation, School Environment
Welcome to NMVA, A school that opens the pathway! A place of learning, A place of working. Join the Class connect, Always treat your teacher with respect. Share your thoughts and opinions, But be sure to always listen. Meet Mr. LeVan, Who teaches English with a plan! A family man who used to coach, Now one to always broach. Meet Mrs. Hatley, Who teaches Economics gladly! Watch her YouTube video for extra credit, and your grade just might benefit. Meet Mr. Wells, Who has a knack for pre-cal! One who answers your questions, And offers his best suggestion! Finally meet Mrs. Spencer, Who teaches writing with adventure! She doubles as one half of my homeroom teacher, And always allows me to be a dreamer! I’m sad to say goodbye to this school, But I know that it will always be a jewel! So together we say one last goodbye, And let out one BIG sigh.
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