Our World's History

by Mariana | April 26, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
I've entered a contest, But what's there to write? There' been poems of battles, And Paul Revere's flight. A favorite school subject? Why that's easy for me! I've read of it all, in History. There's been poems of kingdoms, And knights in their glory. Or times that were dark, Like Anne Frank's life story. We've had monarchs and monks, The discoveries of new land. Tales from soldiers and hero's, Or a famous new band. Whatever the case, it's important to know, That History's around us, And it continues to grow. But we honor the people, Who sacrificed much, And remember who died, As they greeted death's touch. History is lessons. From all those before. Not something scoff at, Or just simply ignore. Who knows what's ahead, But one things quite clear, We're in this together, So there's nothing to fear.
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