The Wonderful World of Science!

by Malak | April 21, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
The wonderful world of science! It's oh so great! You can create a future appliance! Or categorize an animal's trait! What you can do with science is infinite! You can become a zoologist, Oh the wondrous animals you will observe! What about a paleontologist? Oh the ancient fossils you will preserve! How about a chemist? Watching your beakers bubble and blow! What you can become is infinite! In this world we know! The wonderful world of science! It has so many fields! Astronomy, physics, neuroscience. Are just a few. Pharmacology has medicines that have helped me healed. They have also helped you too! What fields you study are infinite! Whether I study fields of science, Or create something new, Science will always be my alliance, This will always be true. ~ Malak ~
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