Which Class is Best?

by Dawson | April 10, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Which Class was The Best? -Dawson ‘Echo’ C The seasons have changed, And we’ve made it through wearily, But now it is time that The adults ask queries Did you enjoy it? Where do you see yourself? Are you sure that you’re ready? Did you need more help? But of all of these questions, Here’s the real test The teacher and parents ask; “Which class was the best?” We slouch down a little, And give out a yawn. But then we think ‘bout it, We say, “One sec, hold on.” We sit up a bit straighter, And give it a thought Then we un-stitch our eyebrows “Well, here’s what I’ve got;” “Science is fun, I got to do fun experiments, The teachers are awesome! But the math made me kind of wince” “Speaking of math, That was kinda boring, But the teachers were nice And they kept me from snoring” “Well, History’s cool, But I have to ask, How could C. Columbus Steer the titanic half-mast?” “Okay, I’ll admit I can’t focus at all But here is my answer, I’m making my call” “ELA is the best I just guess I love to write Now I’m going to sleep! So good bye and good night!” “Wait what, it’s the morning? It time for my class? C’mon, I said I love them! So give me a pass!” ____________________________________________________________________
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