The Canvas and Paintbrush

by Zahraa | April 10, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
Art. She finishes up the painting. It took her hours without her feeling anything. It was her kind of relaxing. Yet it was beautiful more than she would have imagined. Her imagination with a little sprinkle of nature is what inspired it all. But that’s not what’s important a bit. It let her creativity run wild. And now look at her, she is an adult. She is an artist. She is famous for her paintings, but what started it all? It was just that one little canvas and paintbrush. It developed her brain and how she would later think, just like someone 10 x her age. It prepared her for the future. She didn’t need yoga, or meditation to calm her down. Just like most of her friends. She would calm down, easier, yet better just doing that one thing. Which was art. It improved her health quite a bit, now instead of being in a hospital bed just like most her age, she was up and running doing what she loved and was best at. ART. It would, later on, help her with problem-solving, all of the community would come to her when a problem occurred. It was simple. It was because of that she was intelligent and very calm. She wouldn’t get mad at the silliest things. It supported her emotional intelligence way better than you would think. And now, when people ask her how she is in great health, calm, great at problem-solving, etc… she would simply look at her paintings and say, I owe it all to that little canvas and paintbrush. Thanks for reading my free-verse, the picture is of a red cardinal that I drew! Thanks again!
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