by Kourtney | April 3, 2019
Poetry Contest 2019
The reason I love Creative Writing And why this subject means the most Are the thoughts that came across my mind As I studied by the coast I was struggling with guilt and shame During class down by the bay And my assignment had me thinking That I shouldn't feel this way I looked out at the water As waves flew over the ground And I typed onto the keyboard The realization I had found: They told her she was worthless That she's rolled in too much dirt And that none could love a tainted soul That's been buried beneath hurt They told her she was useless So she gathered up her coins And carried them for miles To where the sea and river joins She placed each coin on the shoreline And pushed them deep in the wet sand Where the waves reached up to snatch them With their deceit of bright blue hands But despite how hard the waves would pull Each coin would simply stay Because the muddy sand was much too strong For the waves to wash away So she turned to all her critics Who had said her worth was small And she pointed to the dirty coins That withstood the oceans brawl And said, "sometimes those who are buried Beneath the lessons of regret Are inevitably much stronger Than those who haven't learned it yet And sometimes those perceived as "clean" Get washed away in waves of blood While sleeping safely on the quiet shore are the ones stuck in the mud" The insight I was granted As I cried along the coast Is why I love Creative Writing And why this subject means the most
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