Believe, Conquer, Achieve.

by Nikita | May 30, 2013
Advanced Learner, Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Breakthrough Moments, Homebound/Medical, English
My name is Nikita, I am 16 years old, and I have been attending CAVA for 2 years now. I compete in freestyle BMX, (I'm currently the only girl in California who can backflip) a male dominated sport, and I hope to go pro in BMX as well as become a firefighter/paramedic. I also own a clothing company, FDV Clothing ( I started online school at the start of high school due to the fact that I have severe anxiety and I wasn't able to commit to being in a classroom every day. I had good grades, got along with everyone, and loved my community, it was just hard for me to go out places, especially at a scheduled time. K12 has helped me to be able to continue my education (which I value greatly) despite my challenges, and also allowed me to complete it on the go because I started competing in freestyle BMX events. It also allows me lots of extra time to be able to run my clothing company and make sure it runs smoothly. It was hard to get used to at first, but after the first couple of weeks it was just another routine, and I am proud to say that all of my hard work payed off this year, and I should be finishing with 5 A's and a B. Let's talk about the SOCIAL aspect of K12, as that seems to be the most asked question from people who go to brick and mortar schools. It's YOUR choice how social you want to be. Yes, the school does organize outings that you can go on, but more than that, if you want to keep that social aspect going, it's your choice. I feel like I haven't lost any social aspect since I stopped going to a b&m school, as I train every week at the indoor skatepark and meet up with many friends from all over. Plus at competitions, I meet so many new riders from different states, countries even, who I keep in contact with and plan to meet up with next time they are in California. Enroll yourself in sports, outside activities, music lessons, anything that you are interested in, and keep yourself social. In my opinion, it's better this way, because most of my friends ride BMX so we all have this common interest and passion. It took a lot of work to get to where I am today, being able to leave the house, traveling, competing among many others, but thanks to my drive to push myself to achieve my goals, and K12 being so flexible to allow me to do so, I have really come a long way from where I started. I believe that this challenge was put here to make me a stronger person and I try to embrace that. Thank you K12 for allowing kids all over who want to achieve more this opportunity. Here is a link to my BMX video: Here is a link to a video about overcoming anxiety through BMX (a collaboration with my friend who talks about how he used BMX to help him through being deaf):
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