My School Is Amazing!

by MIracle | November 7, 2018
I was bullied for five years at my old school. My Mom withdrew me when a 14 yr. old boy on the school bus cruelly beat me up, and broke my finger for looking at him. I was 10 and he was 14. My mom not long after decided I'd be safer in a home school program. I am now a student at OHVA! I love it. My Science and Math teacher's are very lively and fun! They make us laugh, and keeps the class exciting.And I have an amazing Math teacher that's very patient and kind.She really wants to see her students achieve their goals! Math is never my favorite subject! I love my math teacher! She's GREAT! Then my history teacher is more laid back, and easy going. But she gets us straight to the heart of the subject!! OHVA is Our High Visual Achievements. OHVA Is GREAT!
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