We're the Bowers Bunch!

by Sherry | May 18, 2013
Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Homebound/Medical, History
Following is our family's ORVA experience, written in part by our oldest. Enjoy! ~ Sherry Bowers Osiyo! This means “Hello!” in Cherokee. My name is Noelle. I joined ORVA in 2010 for 4th Grade just a few months after I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Before that, my parents homeschooled me with a variety of curriculums since 2005. My parents chose ORVA before I got sick because my Dad who has Cerebral Palsy, needed something to help him coach my education while my Mom was away at work. ORVA has been a great help to my family. Since I became a diabetic, I don’t remember what I used to before I got sick, so ORVA is a good fit because I can study at my own pace. In 2011 they put me on a 504 which allowed me to have some flexibility to meet the State requirements. Then in 2012, they placed me on an I.E.P. that gives me even more flexibility, but also keeps me connected with Special Education teachers during the week to help keep me focused and on track. This helps my Dad be able to focus on coaching my brothers who are also part of ORVA. My Mom and Dad are often asked why we chose ORVA instead of public school, especially with the stress of managing diabetes on the side. We like that ORVA lets us use our Christian faith and our Cherokee heritage as a way to study Language and History. We also like that we can choose to have one-on-one learning coach and student time in each subject, or work together as a group with my siblings. What I like most is meeting with my teacher each week and chatting with my friends online in the secure K12 software. Now, enough about me. Here’s what my brothers have to say about ORVA- “HI! I’M DAVID. I AM THE OLDEST OF THREE BOYS, BUT I ALSO HAVE AN OLDER SISTER. WE ARE ALL IN ORVA. I STARTED FIRST GRADE IN 2011, AND I HAVE HAD THE THE SAME TEACHER EVER SINCE. BEFORE ORVA, I DID NOT LIKE SCHOOL. BUT I GOT EXCITED WHEN I SAW ALL THE FUN THINGS MY SISTER GOT TO DO, AND WHEN IT WAS MY TURN, I LIKED LEARNING THE SAME THINGS. MY FAVORITE THINGS TO STUDY ARE MATH, SCIENCE AND HISTORY, AND I REALLY LIKE BUGS. DID YOU KNOW, THAT YOU USE EVERY SUBJECT WHEN YOU STUDY A BUG? YOU USE MATH TO MEASURE THE BUG, YOU USE LANGUAGE TO DESCRIBE THE BUG, YOU USE HISTORY TO STUDY WHAT SOMEBODY ELSE ALREADY LEARNED ABOUT THE BUG, YOU USE ART TO DRAW EXAMPLES OF THE BUG AND YOU USE SCIENCE TO STUDY HOW THE BUG LIVES. ORVA IS SO AWESOME!” “AND MY NAME IS JOSHUA AND I STARTED ORVA LAST YEAR IN 2012. I HAVE CEREBRAL PALSY SO SCHOOL MAKES ME REALLY TIRED. ORVA HELPS ME AND MY DADDY TAKE OUR TIME GOING THROUGH THE LESSONS AND I CAN DO THEM ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT. THE PHONICS LESSONS HELPED ME LEARN TO READ. THE STORIES ARE FUN AND ARE ABOUT OTHER KIDS JUST LIKE ME. MY YOUNGEST BROTHER SITS WITH ME WHEN I READ THE PHONICS BOOKS OR PLAY THE PHONICS GAMES ON THE COMPUTER AND HE HAS STARTED READING TOO! HE GETS TO JOIN ORVA LATER THIS YEAR IN 2013.” Hi again - Noelle here! Thanks for reading about our family’s ORVA experience. I am excited that our youngest brother starts school later this year – he also has Type 1 Diabetes. I think he’ll be off to a good start with ORVA because he’s been learning right along with us. We’re so happy to be a part of this school! And thank you Mom and Dad for helping us along our exploration of education!
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