The Many Faces of Science

by Sofia | October 31, 2018
2018 Art Contest
Hi! My name is Sofia, I'm in eighth grade, and my favorite subject is science. The why's a bit complicated, but here's what I got for you; Ever since I was a first grader, I was certain I'd somehow earn a Nobel Prize through finding some insane cure or serum or whatever sci-fi books and movies were telling me. Years later, I (reluctantly) see the improbability of that but I also see the possibility of it. And that possibility can only ever be fulfilled by working my butt off to become the best scientist in history. But it's not only that. Science is the study of everything beyond. I grew up in a small town, but reading and learning about science always stretched me to the outside. Science is everything - it's my mom, it's my cat, it's my phone, it's me, myself, and that's where I want to be, I want to be where I can learn about everything and anything possible and I also want to stretch that knowledge, I want to be there for a ground-breaking discovery, and I want to know what the discovery is in and out. Physics, biology, chemistry, botany - everything in science is so amazing and vast to me that I just wanna learn it all. Science sends a thrill through me that not a lot of other things do, and that's why I chose to draw what I thought of it. :) (Also, my sixth-grade science teacher told me that I "have science in my future" and my ego still hasn't shaken it off.)
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