The Elements of English

by Jaqleen | October 29, 2018
2018 Art Contest
English is my favorite subject because it has a lot of components and aspects, and therefore there is so much things to learn in English! This picture shows a collection of items that represent the parts of English class. English covers a lot of areas such as grammar, reading, creativity and literature. In this class I get to do a variety of things, such as writing a personal narrative, read intriguing stories, learn the rules of how words come together to make a sentence and much more. What I like most about the class is that there isn't exactly a right or wrong answer- rather it is a class of personal views an expressions (with the exception of grammar because, you can't correct grammar) that can be applied in your daily life. English is a class that appeals to my creative and eager nature to learn different things. No other subject has more appealing points besides this class! I enjoy it very much.
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