Simple Gratitude

by Jazmyne | April 24, 2013
Advanced Learner, Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, People Who Changed a Life, From Struggling to Thriving, History
I, for one, never really realized the importance of education or my potential of succeeding until my 7th grade year. I had a really hard time believing in who I was and what made it even worse was that my priorities were all mixed up. Although I did see how easily school came to me, I never really gave it my all. If I knew I could do better in something if I just pushed myself that extra mile, I didn't care, mediocre made me feel perfectly fine. A little later of my 7th grade year, I ended up being home schooled to give all my attention towards learning, which was 2 years ago. I'm currently a freshman and a straight A honor student which is a really big deal for me. I've had a lot of people give me encouragement over the years about my education and my life, yet one teacher has given me great encouragement and love, Mrs.Brewer. She never fails to be concerned about our academic development as well as our development as a person. She continues to make World Geography fun and exciting everyday. I've shared some of my life goals with her and she's been nothing but supportive and positive. I would like to thank her for making my job as a student, easier and happier throughout this past year being in her class. Succeeding in education has never been so important to me than it is now. I feel like everyone needs a genuinely concerned, Mrs.Brewer in their life. Lastly, I'd like to say I hope that everyone realizes how great you can be if you just push yourself a little harder and even a little bit farther to make yourself an even better you!
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