A Written Dream

by Vrindavan | October 18, 2018
2018 Art Contest
My favorite subjects in school are Science and Literature. This year though, I decided I should illustrate my love for Literature. Reading and writing are very special skills that one can easily become appreciative of. There are so many wonderful subjects to study and learn about out there, but without the ability to read and write, much of the knowledge of those subjects would have been lost, since it would be difficult to record that knowledge in other manners. Reading and writing are the bases of learning for practically any subject. Literature does not only serve as a useful tool to pass down practical knowledge, but it also acts as a gateway to other people's minds and worlds. A person can describe their ideas, thoughts, feelings and images in such detail with words that one can easily connect to the writer. Their vivid language used that can be used in fantasy, science fiction, etc, seem to make their worlds pop off of their pages, or perhaps we feel as if we've been sucked into them instead. Through the characters, we can learn of the authors' ideals, personality, and thoughts, and in this way we can come to understand and learn of so many different kinds of people. We can even live as thousands of different people in this way as well. With each story we gain a new perspective, and with each we come to learn and know a little bit more about ourselves. In this particular piece of artwork, I wanted to capture the aspect of a written world seemingly interacting with reality to communicate how Literature is able to affect us in our real lives despite everything being on a page. A person can experience some of the most exciting adventures, beautiful scenery, or heartfelt relationships through books, and I find it just absolutely amazing how a person can come up with such magnificent scenes in their heads. I am very grateful for the fact that so many people have been able to share their ideas and a bit of themselves through their writing, and for this, I love Literature. As an ever curious person, the link between communication, knowledge, and Literature is very important to me as I continue to learn about the world and its people, including myself.
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