A Girl With Big Dreams!

by Gabriella | February 11, 2013
School Environment, Breakthrough Moments, Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving
Once Upon a Time, I was a girl in a brick and mortar school. I had very little confidence in my own abilities, and my dream of becoming a Broadway Actress seemed far away, and on the verge of being more impossible than it already was. I did homeschooling for all of my elementary years, and 8th grade. In high school, I went to a catholic college and career school, where you could expect 4 hours or more of homework every night. I felt like a zombie! There was no time for dreaming here! Sophomore year, I went to a "rich kids" public school and got caught up in my self-image, and always wanted to look like the other girls. I was getting a D in math, which was the lowest grade I had ever received. It was a combination of low self-esteem, and a poor teacher. In the Second semester of sophomore year, I thankfully switched back to K12/AZVA, and that made the biggest difference! In my second semester, I participated in a pageant. After switching schools, my math grades had gone up, and I was more confident, and had more time to follow my dream. Finally, I was performing! In the first semester of my Junior Year, I was able to join a theatre (CYT, or Christian Youth Theatre), where I learned even more about performing, and being a true entertainer. The show was Snoopy the Musical, and was the best experience of my life! The important thing to know about the theatre I joined is that we run about five shows, and three are during school hours. This made K12 even more of a value because I have a flexible schedule that helps me learn the most that I can, without being so bogged down. If I had gone to a brick and mortar school, I would never have been in a pageant. I would never have joined a theatre. And I would not have the confidence and strength necessary to stand up on a stage and perform. Being able to have every opportunity to succeed has literally made all of the difference in my life; the sky is the limit, as long as I try, keep working hard, and let my dreams grow. K12 has provided me with the time, and opportunity to turn my strengths into talents, and my weaknesses are simply a work in progress! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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