I am Very Excited for School

by Kal-El | August 8, 2018
School Environment
Hi! MY name is Kal-El, I am 5 years old and I am starting my first year of online school as a Kindergartner. I am very excited to learn with my new teacher, Ms. Hardin. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters who will be cheering me on. My mom is my learning coach and I she always does a good job at helping us with school work and teaching us new things. My dad says he will be my biggest supporter when I am stuck with learning something and will be here to help with any projects assigned. My brothers, sisters and I are half Navajo and Thai. We come a very cultural background and love incorporating that with the things we learn, that is what makes online school unique for us. My older brothers are public speaker on the Navajo Nation and surrounding communities. They talk about cultural differences and how to embrace those differences. They also speak about Navajo traditions and culture. I look up to them and I want to be like them one day. Online schooling will allow me the freedom to learn the many aspects of my culture and what is expected of my teachings from an educational institution such as AZVA. I am very excited to learn more and do more alongside my teacher and my parents.
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