by Randy-B | July 31, 2018
Music Showcase 2018, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving
My name is Randy-B Funk. I am going into 10th grade. This is an original song that I wrote and performed. I used a free beat by Luxray which I added some fills to. I have been writing songs since I was 12 and just recently recorded a collaboration with a famous Christian rapper named R Swift. He flew in from Atlanta last week to work with me. Idaho Virtual Academy in Boise, Idaho provides me the opportunity to work on my music, sports, and other interests while still receiving a top notch education. IDVA also teaches me time management which I feel is preparing me for college. I have been working very hard on this song and video because I wanted to do my best. I am also excited that you are the 1st to hear my song besides my parents and I would love to share it with my classmates. I live in Meridian, Idaho with my parents and 2 labradoodles. I am spending a lot of time learning this summer about music. Thank you for your consideration and time in reviewing my song. Beat Provided By Rujay. Instrumental: "Fear God" by Luxray
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