The Midnight Melody

by Qua'Tavies | July 31, 2018
Music Showcase 2018
My musical talent came to me at an early age. When I was young I always like to beat on things and sing. My first instrument was the drums and they opened my pathway to music, later in life I grew into the piano and decided that it was my musical instrument. Ever sense I first played it, I always felt a special connection and every time I played each composition would be better than the first. I taught myself how to play the piano, and over the years I’ve got better and better each time I practiced. I play a total of four instruments and I’m learning the guitar now. A lot of my inspiration comes from my parents, ever sense I was young they always lifted my spirits up whenever I did my music. My dad would always come and help me with playing my drums and teach me different techniques I could do. Various times when I would play and show my mom, she would tell me different things about it if there was something that could do some improvement and when things were pitch perfect. And each time I would ask them to tell me their opinion on a composition I came up with, they would give their honest opinion and that would always inspire me to do even more each time.
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