Richard and Crystal

by Tara | March 29, 2013
School Environment, Bullying
My children were in public school here in Lawton, OK until this year. They were not too sure about online school at first. However, my husband and I decided it was the best course of action. The stories we all hear about in the news about shootings and guns in school are not just :somewhere else." Here in middle America those things are happening, too. Just last month one of the elementary schools was on lock-down because a parent had a gun, We are so much more at ease with our children with us where we are sure they are not in harms' way. Also, even though there are policies against bullying nothing seems to help. On a weekly basis my son was being pushed or kicked when riding the bus to and from school. Last year we finally opted to drive them to school to be sure they were arriving there safely. The best part of K12 is the curriculum both Richard and Crystal have earned all A's and received Certificates for Academic Excellence all year so far. I am very impressed with how much they have learned and grown doing their school work at home. Just today they competed in the K12 Spelling Bee and even though they didn't win the enjoyed the experience. During the Christmas season, they entered the Gingerbread Contest, they were so excited to create their gingerbread house and submit it online. K12 is really a wonderful opportunity and we are happy to be a K12 Family.
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