by Nauvoo | April 30, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018

Where Home Really Is 


Home–It’s now just a temporary stopping place.

On the highway

A black blur

Counting the white stripes

Like a deja vu, returning home.

Though my life seems to be right here–

It’s dislocation;

It’s love and belonging.

One I love and one I need

For the girl in the mirror, or the girl outside the window;

A sense of belonging–

A human need.

To satisfy my stomach

To satisfy who will accept me

It’s denying until it’s a childhood breeze.

My eyelids closed, knees to my chest;

I’m in the place with mountains surrounding me.

The beehive state, the desert.

Where deepest memories run through my veins.

One of the four corners–

My hometown.

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