"Finding Home Along the Way"

by Audrianna | April 25, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018


Each dawn arising adding yet another page

to this story we’re writing.

As evening falls upon our yellow house

we look forth to the beaming stars

the iridescent moon that holds dear the things forgotten,

that is found in the silver lining.


These well-worn streets, the grass like emeralds

those ever-falling leaves

feeling them beneath my feet,

hearing their gentle whispers

against the autumn breeze, softly reminding me

this is home in my familiar little town.


Moving on, letting go, changing with the seasons

holding to the joys and tears,

the hopes and fears

as grasping branches in the dark

vying for my attention the memories we’ve shared

these thoughts holding me captive.


Like the One who holds time

as sand in an hourglass,

unknowing where this road will go

as I search

for love and meaning.

This time has been spent

though we were brought here,

with my curious gypsy heart

there’s something more out there,

I cannot deny the echoes

 beckoning for me to go

nothing to be tying me down.


Now in this place, it’s what I’ve longed for

leaving behind the old,

beginning anew under this desert sky

this is where I belong.

Like an asylum for the wandering soul

yearning for a beacon of hope,

this is now our haven;

more than the crystal sky

and prickling cactus standing confidently,

the palms swaying and dancing

the spring breeze caressing their leaves.

It is the people, family, this brightly bustling city

ever drawing us together, just to be.


No matter where I go,

we’ll never be too far apart

I know we’ll always be home

forevermore as in our hearts

this tale of our lives is rooted here now.

Standing strong as skyscrapers stretching towards the sky

even in the dark

the beauty of our land cannot dim.


I feel the sun’s rays

as I trod along the path,

shining brightly

on the ones who go along on their way.

Like an orchestra, each has a place

every note fitting together

in the grander picture.

It’s been a long road,

but I’ve come so far

as if led by Ariadne’s string

along this journey

from the God who gives every borrowed breath.

Always home with no regrets

holding to the sunsets and the sunrises,

revealing the beauty of time

as it holds both the highs and lows

blending together as it paints the sky forever,

finding home along the way.

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