A town in Colorado

by Quinnlynn | April 25, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
In a town in colorful Colorado,In the quaint little community called SterlingDay and night, pass on byNight quiet, day busy and stirring. When you come into town, you see the collage firstWith kids working and diligently studyingThen come some restaurants like wonderful house,McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and burger king The smells of sesame chicken,Pizza, burgers, and friesThe delicious and enticing smells surround youHere where the town square lies The courthouse is surrounded by a beautiful parkWith a gazebo, trees, and flowersAcross the street are businessesWhere people work away the hours If you walk downtown, there is Simkins Parlor They have the best ice cream by farThere is the old town bistro, an art galleryThe movies and even a bar The once dead downtownIs now bustling and aliveThe smells of spices, flowers, and woodFills the clear air around youThe sounds of people walkingAnd birds singing in the treesSquirrels chatter, cars go byPeople’s laughter and conversations On the edge of town, there is a lakeSurrounded by the trees of the woodsThere it is quiet and peacefulSun shining off  trees and car hoods You park and walk around the lakeAnd watch the colors as the sun goes downThat place of beauty, quiet and peaceIs my favorite place in town. The beautiful sights astound meAnd clear air around me  Sterling is the place to beAlthough there is not much to see This quiet and beautiful town is my homeWhere hawks fly high and herds of deer roam This place is my placeI love it hereThe trees, the flowersThe lake, the deer Sterling has something specialThe people here are special tooIn the rolling hills and the valleysWith sun always shining and the prairie, sky is clear and blue
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