by Samantha | April 25, 2018
Athlete/Performer, Breakthrough Moments, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Poetry Contest 2016
Hecktic Schedule:.... My hobby is boxing, punching  It might seem gross but I enjoy it.  I am the person I am today because of my mother she got me here and here I am a wondeful student who has built her-self up phisically and emotionally♥  Without her I wouldnt be who I am today! I love my mom. I help her out throughout the house while she takes care of my baby brother. She does not sleep in all the night. She has bags under her eyes like a panda. She has 3 birdies 3 are still in the nest. The older 2 have flown away only to build the rest of their life and grow the rest of their feathers. During the day I have a busy schedule, my chores. When I finish school approximatley at 2 and I have 2 hours to get my little sister intertained with a movie while my mom and baby brother are asleep like koalas in her room. I get started put on a apron clean my sisters room, clean the restroom.My mom wakes up cleans the living room and the kitchen. Now I get ready for boxing. My mom is already ready with the baby in the car waitng for me to hop in and I am in boxing before I know it. Running, sweating, warming up, sweating, punching bags, sweating, punching the hands of my coach, sweating, sweating! It might seem horrible but I like it! WHO AM I KIDDING I LOVE IT! WHY I LOVE PUBLIC SCHOOL AT HOME: School is my 2nd favorite thing to do. I feel the adrenaline when I here the "ding!" of the timer go off. Then the chat blows up with "Hello!" "How are you?" "Hi!" "Hey!" I love school, just not as much as boxing. when I have my materials in the morning geting teh sneak peak at todays schedule I get happy and ready for the best! Art class! I am a pretty great pencil drawer if I do say so myself! Mrs.Gibson form Texas Virtual Academy my art teacher can tell you and show you my drawings. I not really into coloring my drawings I like to leave it plain in pencil so the viewer can imagine the picture and color themselves. To show themselves that they can imagine. Because when I leave it plain they are gonna say "She should have put some color here here and there and she should have put this color here." They can see it by thier point of view. I love school because of art.I had a school poetry contest last year with Mrs. Armstrong to write about something in our Social Studies textbook. I wrote about the Great Depression and how it effected Stephen F Austing and his father Moses Austin. This is my poem>> "Many people days, weeks, months unemployed. We were all thinking how could we get though this horrific battle against ones self? For us to see a bird flying freely through the sky maked us say 'I wish it was as simple as letting out my hand and letting my problems fly away!' Life isnt so easy for I say that my self.I live on, hoping that my land will keep growing. I am in desperate needs with my economy. I need more people! I need more land! It just so happens that the USA looked me up and noticed that I didnt have "advantages" they thought they made a "smart move" by taking away my land, But it didnt work out for them as much as it did for me, days before that the Spanish had already had approved of my contract. I am very happy, and have a statement! I am seriously ill I am sick with pneumonia and but that won’t make me Holt! But if I don’t make it I want my son to finish what I’ve started. As well as live on with my legacy. Within a few days I passed away, and my son lived the rest of his years with me in his heart. But how do I know? For I am not my son? I speak for my father Moses Austin. I am Stephen F. Austin “The Father of Texas"
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