by Amber | April 25, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
South Carolina, the home to my family and I,Many generations born and died,From the soil we walk on in our boots,To the trees we have planted from their roots,We are Pepsi drinkers,Bologna eaters,You can tell it by our southern slang,We are like birds and when we leave the nest we never forget that we were homegrown,My hometown is really small but we believe if you don’t have love, you got nothing at all,We live by the good book and never miss church on Sundays,We are taught to always say yes ma’am and no ma’am,We are taught that mama doesn’t take no smart mouthing,We are taught that we better be home before dark,We have parties by bon fires,We fish about anywhere we can find,And sometimes old pa will tell us about the good ole’ times,We wear ball caps and jeans,We thank God for all that grows green,What can I say?,I am a South Carolinian,And now you know who you’re dealing with.
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