Wendell, North Carolina

by Sarah | April 25, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
Southern Thunderstorms I have to admit, I’ve been quite the traveler for a while now.Picking up, leaving behind, trying to forget somehow.The people, the memories, the things that could be,and the more I travel, the more I know how it should be. These loud city streets weren’t made for my boots.Those old back roads are where I planted my roots.It’s those firefly evenings sitting up in an old birch,me in my white flowing dress after a day at church. The people here are beautiful in their designer clothes,but nothing beats a day back home, running through those cornrows.Everyone here has something to do, someplace to be.I just want to go home and be like the horses, so wild and free. As I let my hand ride the wind like a wave outside the car window,the sounds and the memories flood back to my mind in a swift crescendo.Going into town for some jam in Grandpa’s old rumbling truck.He’d tell me we’d get some rain tonight… well, if we had any luck. Running around the yard inside that picket white fence with my crazy hair,Grandpa would always laugh and say, “Child, you are just too much to bare”.I’d wash up and slip into my apron to help make some peach cobbler.I remember it all like it was yesterday, though back then I was only a toddler. As the red inferno in the sky begins to prepare for his sleep,those back porch moments with Grandma will always be mine to keep.We’d sit out there for hours, a jar of homemade lemonade in hand.After a hard days’ work, there was nothing to do because there weren’t any plans. Now my future is coming at me like one of those notorious southern thunderstorms.I’m growing up and figuring out what I want to be, and honestly, I’m still a bit torn.The burning heart of a country girl who's somehow got a knack for Business.I’ve got so many big dreams, but I always suffer from the same old homesickness. Your hometown will always be a special place that, from all other places, is set apart.It’s said: you can take the girl out the country, but you can’t take the country out of her heart.I just hope that someday I’ll make my way back to that place...Grandma did always say she needed some flowers for that vase.
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