by Kamry | April 25, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
Freinds-In a place far away, no two people could play, for they lived on Islands alone. these Islands could fly on by and drift right on by, even though they were all made of stone. As the day dragged on by, clouds moved in the sky but the Islands did not move at all. If I gave you my hand we could join up our land and together we'd have such a ball. They ran to their room with their feet going soon and began to map out a new plan. Then once it was done, by the near setting sun down the stairs to their father they ran, We did it they yelled, The Swings Truly Sailed then the kids pulled their ropes in with ease! LETS GO REALLY SLOW AND HOPE THE WIND DOESN'T BLOW, TO THEIR BACK THERE WASN'T A BREEZE!
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