My Marvelous Hometown

by carina | April 24, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
My Marvelous Hometown These are the sights I see day after day,I adore the scenery, life and tremendous trains,Once you see Vallejo and see it with your own eyes,You’ll see what astonishing beauty lies. Can you hear the glistening waves crash against the docks,The sparkling tides are blankets for ragged rocks,The overcast brings waves of clouds to cover the skies,The sunny weather warms us up and shines so bright,Blue jays dance with the wind as they chirp their graceful melodies,Arcane crows fly by as they memorize the scene,The peacocks look like vivid dreams. Can you see the evergreens branch over our heads from above,The ash trees are emerald green and rough-Or golden like the sun in fall,Maple trees stretch far and out,The trains roar furiously while riding down the iron tracks,If you see a train coming-You better stand back! 
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