by Kya | April 24, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
The Little Old SwanLittle old swan I see across the lake, Your feathers are as white as snow Your beak, bright as the sun Your eyes,like star light up above I sit on this little old bench trying to look at the little old swan down by the lake I try to imagine how you became so beautiful I try to think of all the stories about this little beautiful creature One of the signs of love,an angel crossing waters to meet the earth again Many wonderful things in this little old bird of white You move towards the land and up the hill to meet me I bend down from the little old bench and said “ Hello” In an entire minute it feels like the whole world stops, not us Little old swan, you said “ Hello” I hear the little old swan speak to a little old child like me Little old swan made a tiny smile at me A tiny smile I give back And then the little old swan took my hand On air, I was safe Little old swan and me swimming the skies Jumping through the golden gates of heaven Introducing me to angels, surf, sparkling the clouds Into the feathered arms of an angel I already know Little old swan, My grandmother
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