by Austin | April 24, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
My HomeTown I live in a Town, it is a lovely place,People from Denver call it “The Bubble”.The trees line the streets in near perfect rows,On rooftops birds sit while the sun glows.Lawns are perfectly trimmed and green,If it looks bad you’re fates unforeseen.HOA rules the paint code,Matching homes are a must on every road.The dogs walk by on leashes of course,What you won’t see on the street here is a horse.Kids of all ages run and play at the park,You’ll be caught on camera if you snoop after dark.Families come here from afar,To live in Highlands Ranch is not subpar.I like where I live,Where everythings clean,I only have one neighbor that’s terribly mean.Overall it’s a place filled with laughter and fun,We even host our very own run.The “Bubble” is not a bad place you see,We have something for everybody.Come on by and spend the day,You will see why it is where we choose to stay.
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