by Peyton | April 24, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018

"Hometown Fun"


Every year there was a race

To see who would take first place

First, we swam across the pool

To our bikes where we rode like fools

We threw our bikes down, all of us racing for the crown

Then began the final leg, we all blasted off like powder kegs

My feet began to falter, my throat needed water

But I kept pushing forward, towards the end

That red ribbon I was sure to win

With all my might, I put all my energy into one last fight

My feet moved faster, my breath more strained

All I could think about was the fame

As I passed the line time seemed to stop

I looked around I had come out on top

No one else had finished before me

Everyone was sure to adore me

I shared my winnings with my friends

And prayed to god this fun would never end

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